Cyber Security

Our Approach

Technology is constantly evolving, as such; powerful IT security also requires an on-going review of client needs, current risks and upcoming threats.

At ITP, we conduct a continuous evaluation of our client’s strategic needs and its infrastructural capabilities while assessing and considering current and future threats.

This review allows us to deploy adaptive strategies that adjust to the changing technological and business environments in order to continuously maximize our client’s existing resources and meet all IT security goals.


Assessing and identifying security weakness and loopholes are crucial to the smooth running of a company’s operations.

We at ITP possess the breadth and depth of experience necessary to identify such risks, both in its immediate and long-term impact, across varying networks operating in differing industries.


While identifying problems is the first step of the solution, a tangible feasible solution is necessary to resolve such identified risks.

Our accumulated experience in providing solutions allows us to craft comprehensive action-plans that can be rapidly deployed to ensure our client is protected against immediate and upcoming security risks.


The effectiveness of IT security infrastructure needs to be measured through quantitative and qualitative aspects to ensure its effectiveness.

At ITP, we have created metrics that allow us to continually monitor our customers’ IT infrastructure to ensure these predefined requirements are being met by existing and proposed solutions.


The evolving nature of technology, its associated risks, the business environment and corporate governance means that opportunities exist for forward-thinking companies to capture business advantage while dangers lie ahead for companies who remain stagnant.

ITP helps its clients maintain a continued view of the present and the upcoming future developments in the IT realm so that security is always maintained for the client permitting the client to focus its efforts on moving ahead.

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